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ICE Friction Partners with SLF Motion

SLF Motion pulley and ICE chain

We are excited to announce that for 2017 ICE Friction Technology has partnered with SLF Motion to bring a complete low friction solution to your cycling drivetrain. SLF Motion pulleys, as the name suggests, are designed and manufactured to provide you with industry leading Smoother Lighter Faster ceramic bearing jockey pulleys. It has been a pleasure to get to know Blake Young, SLF Motion’s Founder and President, and we look forward to working with him this year. Combining the ICE Friction chain, the ICE Friction – ICE:Grey cassette and chain ring coating, and the SLF Motion Pulleys, we will now offer a complete low friction drivetrain solution. This will provide you with the ultimate low friction system for race day.

In the next week we will be posting details on the packages we will have available for your drivetrain. We will also be posting more information about the ICE:Grey cassette and chain ring coating. This past year, numerous professional athletes have had excellent success riding and racing the ICE:Grey coating with excellent success. The coating has been designed to work with the ICE Friction chain, reducing system friction and friction that is developed in cross chaining. The addition of SLF Motion pulleys and the ICE:Grey coating helps towards our goal of taking as much friction out of your cycling as possible.

About SLF Motion

SLF Motion is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance bicycle components including ceramic bearing pulley wheels, disc brake rotors, and cogs. Each part is designed for optimum performance and durability.

About ICE Friction

ICE Friction Technology, founded in 2015, specializes in low friction metallurgical coatings for the cycling industry. Ice Friction coatings for bike chains and other components significantly reduce friction, thereby improving drivetrain efficiency leading to power and speed gains.

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