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ICE Friction Field Test - IRONMAN Arizona, 2015

ICED Chains 12 - Shimano CN-HG900-11 chains raced in IMAZ*, Average mileage on the ICED coating – 220.25 miles Mileage range – 120 – 350 miles * 1 chain used in IMKona prior to IMAZ and 1 chain used in IMFL prior to IMAZ Standard Lube Chains 12 – Shimano CN-HG900-11 raced in IMAZ All chains had less than 600 total miles on chain post IMAZ All chains did not exhibit excessive or over lubrication post IMAZ Lubricated with name brand lube and following standard lubrication protocol Chains reported as cleaned and lubricated prior to race Post IMAZ ICE Friction Testing ICED chains efficiency, post race, were still below new chain acceptance level ICE coating still intact and providing superior lubrication Average Standard Lubed chains recorded 8.6 watts greater friction when compared to Average ICED chains Significantly greater levels of grit on Standard lubed chains

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