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Friction Fiction

Here is an article from a recent LAVA Magazine, provided with permission from Brad Culp of LAVA Magazine. It focuses on drive train friction. This is an excellent article, and I have highlighted the article sections that pertain to chains. Listed below are my comments and key points to the article:

  1. Mechanical Wattage savings of 6 to 9 watts are available if the chain is properly stripped of the factory coating and lubricated with a wax-based lubrication cocktail.

  2. A waxed based lubrication process, like the ICE Friction Chains have, is the least expensive* wattage savings available to all riders and racers.

  3. The wattage savings are very significant -- 1 watt is worth 30 to 45 seconds over an Ironman bike leg, for a 5 to 6 minute total savings!

  4. Jason Smith of Friction Facts is quoted in the article. He provided the initial testing conducted by Velo News. We agree with his testing and have developed a chain formulation that matches his friction results. We have also made changes to further enhance the durability of the lubrication.

  5. A chain optimization, like our ICED Chains, is a must for race day -- FREE RACE DAY WATTS!

  6. With the durability of the ICED coating lasting up to 600 miles, why use less efficient lubrication techniques? This just wastes watts and causes unnecessary drive train wear. Our goal is NO WASTED WATTS!

  7. ICED Chains are for all bikes -- Road, TT, MTB, and CX. Our field test data from the Leadville 100 and ICEMAN Cometh races proves this points

*If you are at the high end of the Chewbacca scale, shaving your legs might be the cheapest way to save watts.

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