Chain Selection Guide

The most common question that we receive is “What chain should I use?”. What follows is a quick process for determining the chain you require. Step 1. Determine the number of speeds or gears that your bike has. If you are not sure, simply count the number of cogs or gears on the rear cassette of your bike. Most new systems for road bikes are 11-speed or have 11 gears on the rear cassette. Some older systems are 10-speed and, therefore, have 10 gears. Some newer MTB systems have 12 – speeds. Step 2. Determine the manufacturer of the rear derailleur or shifting mechanism. The two most common manufacturers are SRAM and Shimano. Step 3. Combine both pieces of information. If you have

Interview with ultra-cyclist Sarah Cooper

Listen to our interview with ultra-cyclist Sarah Cooper. Cooper discusses the 2016 season, her 2017 goals, and the challenges of training for and competing in ultra events. Make sure to check out Sarah's Twitter and blog.

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