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About ICE

The ICE Friction Technology bike chain lubrication process significantly reduces chain friction, thereby improving drivetrain efficiency leading to power and speed gains. 


How to Purchase

Our lubricated chains are available for purchase through our online store. Just click on the link below. You can also find ICED chains at local cycling stores and on the Rüster Sports website.


If you're unsure which chain is right for your bike, check out our chain selection guide blog post or the downloadable quick guide linked below.

The ICED process was developed based on extensive lab and field testing. The workhorse in the lab is the chain tension test device.
Why ICE?

The ICE Friction chain lubrication provides benefits for all disciplines of cycling: Road, Triathlon, Time Trial, MTB, CX. 


The bottom line is that the ICE lubrication process ensures greater drivetrain efficiency and prevents friction from robbing your power, and that is critical no matter what and why you ride. 


The ICE Friction process is compatible with (and provides benefits with) all types and manufacturers of chains.

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